CINZIA PARABOSCHI Born in Monza (Milan) on 17/05/1962.

WORKSHOP: Modoetia Carta, Via B. Zucchi 38 – Monza (Milan – Italy) Telephone. +393669570188 - Mob. +393382976421

SHOP: via B. Zucchi 19 - Monza Telephone: 039 326884

To the right : drawing by F. Goya: portrait of a man - tempera and charcoal

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  • 1982 – High School Diploma (Baccalaureate type) in scientific subjects.
  • 1992-94 – Diploma as 'restorer of antique prints and books' obtained from the restoration school “Centro di Formazione Professionale (CFP)” based in Cremona – Italy and funded by the Lombardy Region.
  • 1994-95 - Diploma as 'Book Conservator' obtained from the same school.


Libero Rossi: course coordinator – Giampaolo Mei: book restorer at the National Library in Florence - Claudio Montelatici: head book restorer National Library in Florence - Giancarlo Porciatti: private book restorer based in Florence - Gisella Guasti: head of book restoration planning and external restoration contracts at the National Library in Florence - Paola Guarnieri: chemistry - Michela Mazzolari: Latin paleography - Liliana Menta: history of miniature and engraving - Barbisotti: bibliology, library science - Fabretti: expert from ICR Central Institute for Restoration - Rome.


  • September 1995: National Library in Florence. Voluntary training at the Library restoration workshop.
  • November 1995: state exam which enables restorers to work for public sector bodies (museums, libraries etc.) . Exam taken at the Institute of Book Pathology in Rome. Outcome positive.
  • October 1994/December 1995: work experience at the restoration workshop of private restorer Alessandra Furlotti, Milan
  • January 1996: opened own book and paper restoration workshop called MODOETIA CARTA in Monza (Milan - Italy)
  • July 1998 – passed the national state exam for assistant restorer (level VI) at the Central National Library in Florence
  • January 2000: assistant teacher in restoration techniques for books and prints at the School of Restoration “CFP Centro di Formazione Professionale” in Cremona
  • from January 2001: teacher of restoration and binding techniques at the Restoration School “CFP Centro di Formazione Professionale” in Cremona


Books from 16th , 17th, 18th centuries belonging to:

  • Accademia dei Georgofili (Georgofili Academy – Florence)
  • Central National Library – Florence: (more than one consignment of modern books – work checked and passed inspection carried out by Claudio Montelatici and Gisella Guasti)
  • Braidense National Library – Milan : from 1997 external contract work for restoration of antique books - rare and antique books section
  • Library of Brera Academy of Arts – Milan : restoration work carried out on a collection of historic antique and modern art books
  • Historic Archive of the Diocese of Mantua: restoration and conservation of manuscripts, archive bindings, parchment documents, illuminated antiphonaries of 15th , 16th , 17th and 18th centuries
  • Civic Library of Cremona - “antique and rare books department” : restoration work carried out during the three year restoration course
  • Archive of the Diocese of Cremona: (manuscripts, parchment documents, archive bindings): restoration work carried out during the three-year course
  • Capitolare Library of Monza Cathedral : restoration and salvage of 17th century missal binding
  • Civic Library of Monza – “antique and rare books department” : restoration with and without full resewing and binding of books from 16th , 17th, 18th centuries
  • Civic Library of Pavia: books from “ antique and rare books department"
  • all the above listed restoration work was checked and passed the inspection carried out by appointed state experts.

Bank of Desio: restoration and conservation of historic documents belonging to the original founding bank. Salvage of all “first copies” of documents found: the very first profit and loss accounts dating back to 1909-1910, articles of incorporation and statute, the first List of Shareholders and the minutes of the first general meetings. The documents included the minutes of board of directors meetings for the first fifty years of the bank’s activity.

Private property: incunabulum “Arnoldi de Nova Villa - Tractatus de Virtutibus Herbarum, Vicentiae, anno salutis MCCCCLXX"


Engravings by : Stefano della Bella, Albrecht Durer, H. Rembrandt van Rijn, Campagnola, Marcantonio Raimondi', Luca di Leyda, Cornelius Cort, Goltzius, Maestro "D nel dado", Schongauer, Ugo da Carpi. Gouache tempera “portrait of a man " attributed to F. Goya. Graphic work on coloured cardboard by Marcel Duchamp . Andrea Appiani: study of Jove , Pelizza da Volpedo: graphite study for “The Fourth Estate” painting, A. Modigliani: portraits, V. Kandinskji: watercolour on cardboard, L. Fontana: spacial concept.