A world of paper.

Modoetia Carta (Modoetia being the latin name of Monza) is a very peculiar shop located in the center of Monza. In this store ancient prints, parchments, books and ligatures can be sold and restored.
This real temple of paper documents, located in via Zucchi no. 21, is now managed by Cinzia Paraboschi. For over fifty years the store had been managed by her father, Folco Paraboschi, who is a scholar and art historian, now acting as a consultant to Cinzia
Starting from 1995, after earning a qualification as preserver and restorer, Cinzia started a restoration activity in addition to sale. The store customers include private collectors, public authorities and historical libraries.

A high number of historical documents may be purchased in this store, like nautical maps, portulans, naval architecture prints and highly valuable maps.

Cinzia explains that: “Restoration and preservation activities are between scientific job and highly skilled artistic craftwork. Benefits can be seen only after years of patient devotion to work. In fact, skill and confidence in our own job are acquired through test and application of our daily work and examination.”

The years that Cinzia devoted to this peculiar activity have been rewarded by the satisfaction of restoring rare manuscripts or incunabula that were considered as lost and that instead could be exhibited to public.