According to documentation held in Como historical records, in 1732 it has been first reported a printing press belonging to Corbetta family. At the time the printing shop was operating in Trezzo d’Adda.
A circular letter of 1806 reports that the Corbettas moved to Monza, where their printing activity rapidly increased throughout the Napoleon age, working for more than 52 municipalities.
Later, they start to manufacture and sell prints and arts books up to 1886, when Giovanni Luvoni enters the activity. He became highly reputed thanks to the outstanding quality of types and engraving.

The printing premise was located in Durini’s house, near the market square that is today called piazza San Paolo. When Giovanni Luvoni dies, his daughter Maria takes over the activity and, in 1923, her brother in law Angelo Cigognini moves the premise to via Carlo Alberto, where a large book and paper shop is added.
Then, when Angelo Cigognini dies, his widow Bice Luvoni takes over the activity at first alone and later helped by her grandson Folco Paraboschi, who, in 1954 becomes the owner. Over the years, the paper and book shop becomes an antiquarian bookshop.
By the new name of Modoetia Carta, the shop is presently located in via Zucchi, where Folco’s daughter, Cinzia, is now co-operating with dad in a paper restoration workshop that has been added to the main premise.